About Me

My name is Harrison Chan. I am a seventeen year old senior in the second graduating class of ECHS. I came to ECHS because it appeared to be a great opportunity to get the upper hand in college applications. I am a person who likes to plan things out. I am very optimistic for the goals I have set, some of which extend well into the future. In the fall of 2011, I will be attending the University of California at Berkeley with a major in Society and Environment. Go Bears!

Some of my hobbies include tinkering with computer hardware and software, archery, bowbuilding, radio control (RC) gadgets, and target shooting. In my spare time, I will search around on the web and add and remove menageries of programs to my computer changing it's appearance and often improving its functionality. With RC gadgets, it is the simple thrill of flying a plane or driving a buggy through its courses that are extremely fun. The desire to take on archery as a hobby bloomed into a full scale project of building my own longbows and arrows.

My skills cover a variety of fields, some which I have only elementary knowledge of, and some of which I excel in. For instance, I am an excellent web programmer, able to produce a complete website with ease and in a matter of hours. Electronics and mechanics are another specialty. I can rig up motors and various parts to produce a variety of useful contraptions. These skills I believe will help me in designing aerospace projects.