The 2007-2008 School Year


During the year in art, we covered a wide variety of topics, including everything from collages to radial designs. My favorite project of the year was our pencil CityScape, a three dimensional sketch of an imagined city corner. Classes also did a comic enlargement, and I leaped at the chance to recreate a hilarious Opus comic. Some of the other projects we did were a research project on an artist of our, the student's, choosing, murals for a cause, and graphic designs which illustrated a chosen word in an abstract form.

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AVID was a chaotic mess this year. I had several different AVID teachers in first semester alone. One was fired for simply being a horrible teacher in both teaching and student relationships. Following the dismissal of the first teacher, we had at least three different substitutes over the course of a week. Later, we had a long-term substitute that lasted several weeks. We finally got a permanent teacher right before first semester ended, but I was transferred to a different period for the second semester. I finished up the year in Miss Roseth's eighth period AVID class.

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In biology, we had a lot of fun executing various labs all year long. Most of the more complex labs which required greater dexterity and focus came later in the year. That also meant that the labs which were much more engaging and interesting occured later in the year. One of my favorite labs, DNA fingerprinting was our last lab of the year. Also, for biology we had to do numerous Natural History reports, one of which was done at the San Diego Wild Animal Park with the rest of the freshman class which was one of my favorite outings.

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English was a great class and everybody loved it. I was placed in Honors Comp/Lit 1 because of my previous high grades and the fact that I had already passed muster to take the class previously. Many students believe that this was THE hardest class, but it wasn't. I know. I took Geometry. I believe that I excelled at being good in English and maintaining good grades because at the end of the year, I was the one who earned that class's Student of the Year award. And I was proud of it.

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In geometry, we had four large projects that encompassed the entire year. The first project was the fields project in which student groups created proposals for Early College High School's athletic fields. Our next project was focused on perpendicular bisectors, using them to zone a city for areas different pizza parlors would "run". When we returned from Winter Break, we started a new project on the subject of kites, which emphasized polygons, symmetry, and precision. The last project was our rice project which pressured problem solving and logic skills to solve The King's Chessboard.

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College Classes: Counseling 101 and Business Computers 171

This year, my freshman year, I took two different college classes. In first semester I took Counseling 101 which was known as Orientation among students. In orientation, students studied methods to succed in school, particularly test taking skills and socializing skills in school. We finished off the semester with a large research project on the careers we intended to pursue and the college's we would attend to pursue the respective careers. Business Computers 171 was a class which taught students about Xphtml or eXstensible HyperText Markup Language. I had already been coding since I was in elementary school, so this class merely served to refine my knowledge of Xphtml coding standards. Throughout the semester, we worked on a cumulative project which would include all of our newly learned or refined skills.

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