Algebra 2AB

Algebra 2 was a challenging course which constantly challenged me with new concepts, theories, and work. In sharp contrast to the relative ease of Geometry, Algebra 2 has kept me on my toes. This year, we have covered logarithms, polynomials, quadratic functions, rational expressions, and sequences. I have found that sequences are both fun and challenging because they require me to manipulate a series of numbers to find the formula necessary to complete the explicit rule.
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AVID class this year was focused around making ourselves better students who ask good questions and maintian orderly, organized work. Some of the other topics we covered focused on going to college. We studied for the PSAT, and read The 6 Most Important Decisions You'll Ever Make by Sean Covey as an added way to help us make important decisions in our lives. The class is very future/goal-oriented. We direct our attention to a good education continued in college.
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Chemistry 1AB

Chemistry this year was probably the most challenging course I have taken in a long time. Though I was frequently memorizing some new formulas or laws, there was no end to the fun in chemistry. From day to day, we saw new demonstrations, completed new labs, and studied new concepts. There was never a dull moment in the class as we progressed from the periodic table to gas laws to atom sciences to chemical reactions and even redox reactions.
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Honors Composition Literature 2AB

This year, for English class, we tackled foreign literature. We read several books by foreign authors, including Dawn and Night by Elie Wiesel, The Canterbury Tales, and Red Scarf Girl. Also, like last year, we had a CPAS project to help evaluate our skills. This year, we wrote about and evaluated a quote, that we chose, for our agreement or disagreement. Over the course of the year, I also had the oppurtunity to work cooperatively with several classmates to produce excellent group projects.
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World History 1AB

In History, we began somewhere before the time of the French Revolution and progressed through the world's life up to the point of the Cold War. Some of the things that we focused on in particular include World War I and II, the Russian Revolution, and the French Revolution. We also spent a great deal of time in class taking competitive quizzes. The quizzes were animated and lively as I competed with other students to accurately and quickly answer questions with a computerized system.
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College Classes

Every year, we take a series of college classes, not only as electives, but also to fulfill some of our "A-G" graduation requirements set forth by the district and state governments. This year, I took Music Appreciation, Beginning Speech, Health, and Drawing along with two physical education classes to fill my PE requirement. All the classes were demanding. The work and tests kept me on my toes as I raced to keep up with the new knowledge.
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