Business Computers 171: XHTML Website

In Web Design, we learned all about appropriate techniques to create valid, correct code for XHTML-compliant websites. We were also taught how to utilize online templates to assist us in accomplishing designs that we could not create ourselves. When we were finished with the class, we finished a cumulative, culminating project that covered every aspect of our new knowledge. This project tested our abilities to create an aesthetically pleasing display of skill while maintaining correct form within our code. In the end, in my opinion, students either totally succeded in creating an excellent display, or students totally failed at their attempt, creating an eyesore which could not be called "good work." My particular attempt include external Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript, and quite a bit of hand-hard-coded XHTML scripting.
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Completed: May 21st, 2008

Counseling 105: Career Project

Counseling, or orientation, as students seemed to call it, was a class that seemed focused on bettering us as a student, by improving organization, memory, test-taking skills, and socialization skills. During class, we would undertake activities, both to improve whichever skill we were studying at the time. At the end of the semester we took on a culminating project which covered everything we prepared for in high school. College. Students created presentations and research papers which documented what they intended to do after leaving high school, such as, which college they would attend, the grades they would need, and the skill necessary to pursue the career they chose. Part of the project was extensive research into what was required of our chosen career. The end product also was intended to help our counselors better plan our future classes.
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Completed: December 19st, 2007