SSR Report: The Blood of the Fold

Project Summary

Every semester, we are required to write a book report on a book we read for our Silent Sustained Reading time during AVID. For the first semester of junior year, I wrote about The Blood of the Fold, by Terry Goodkind. The report included a plot summary, with no spoilers (making this "report", more properly, a "review"), details about the book's origins, and a recommendation, or unrecommendation. As with all work, we tried to avoid plagiarizing any words and to maintain proper formatting.

What I Learned

There was really not much to learn in this project except my quality of writing. On that topic, I feel I have been improving more and more as the year goes by. Naturally, being in school, my writing should be improving anyway. Writing longer essays and reports is becoming second nature and book reports/reviews are just fun practice. They do not hurt and allow me to write about a book that I, usually, enjoy. I will never have a problem reading a book or reviewing it, simply because it is less trouble than most think.