State Standards

  • 1. Newton’s laws predict the motion of most objects. As a basis for understanding this concept:
    • 1.a. Students know how to solve problems that involve constant speed and average speed.
    • 1.c. Students know how to apply the law F=ma to solve one-dimensional motion problems that involve constant forces (Newton’s second law).
    • 1.i.* Students know how to solve two-dimensional trajectory problems.
    • 1.j.* Students know how to resolve two-dimensional vectors into their components and calculate the magnitude and direction of a vector from its components.
    • 1.k.* Students know how to solve two-dimensional problems involving balanced forces (statics).

Project Summary

This project was a task in computer and 2d motion skills. We selected a clip from any movie, and proved how it could not have happened. First, we used YouTube, or a variety of other sources to find a clip of the exact portion of the movie we wanted. Next, we slowed the clip down and analyzed the portion, finding measurements of height, estimated velocity, distance travelled, etc. Using this data, we plugged the information into equations to prove that the answers did not compute correctly. It was excellent practice for 2d motion, and demonstrated how exaggerated movies can be.

How I Learned

This project used primarily skills involving 2d motion. It was a great help to have memorized the various equations and saved a good deal of time. I found that the final velocity squared and final velocity equations were the most useful. In real life, the 2d motion equations that we used would probably be used in military applications. Especially for indirect artillery, 2d motion equations allow gunners to calculate the angle of fire to allow for a mortar to drop into a trench, or for a howitzer to punch holes in a bunker, or for a tank to hit a target that is hull defilade.

What I Learned

From this project, I learned that I am a mediocre film editor. I should definitely NOT be going into the film industry, maybe photography would be a good choice though. Learning how exaggerated movies were was actually not a major surprise. Even in fairly “normal” movies, watching someone jump a RV over a 15 foot gap seems a bit unrealistic, and the world of CGI has made even the simplest movies unreal. It was however, still great practice for the unit we were studying.