Advanced Placement English Language and Composition

This year's Advanced Placement English Language and Composition class was a tad fluky. We had weekly Tuesday and Wednesday meetings to get in enough time to go over all the coursework and practice tests specific to Advance Placement. While it was disappointing, that this year we had to meet at lunches because there were not enough students to make a full AP class, it is reassuring that next year we will have a full, proper, normal AP class. However, I have still learned a great deal from my AP English class. Through the collective effort of the class, I feel we all improved our reading and writing skills a vast amount. Though I missed lunches with my friends, I think it was time well spent; learning more than I would during normal class hours.

Here are some of my best papers from this year:

Advancement Via Individual Determination

In AVID this year, we spent much of our time preparing for SAT and ACT testing. We spent weeks and weeks studying the Princeton Review's SAT Test Preparation book and running through practice tests. We also spent a great deal of time in class preparing to prepare for college. Preparations involved practicing essay writing and college applications. Over the course of the year, we learned dozens of new words with weekly vocabulary tests, again, in preparation for SATs.

These were some of my favorite projects, including a portion on my Digital Portfolio:

College Classes

This year, my college classes were planned so as to fill out my foreign language and physical education requirements, and also to begin my college math classes. I took two semesters of Spanish 180 with Professor Harrington, two semesters of Self-Defense with Sensei Dye, and a semester each of Trignometry and Pre-Calculus with Professor Villalobos. I loved my self-defense classes most, partly because they were the only PE I took this year, and partly because I enjoy practicing martial arts. I also must give credit to my math professor for being an excellent teacher and doing an excellent job of getting me through the year with flying colors.

Physics 1AB

Here are some of my favorite projects this year. The Black Pearl is still in progress and may not make it to production before this is submitted:

US History

In US History, we covered an extraordinary amount of time in a relatively short two semesters. From colonial America to the Civil Rights movement, we covered everything, including two World Wars, a Civil War, wars with Spain, and dozens of Presidents. Each lesson was a new surprise and an opportunity to discover new facts that I had never known before. I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent learning about the World Wars and would gladly go back and learn more about them.

The following are projects we have gone over this year that I excelled at: