Digital Portfolio

Project Summary

Every year, students of Early College High School (ECHS) are required to build a Digital Portfolio of their best projects from each class, each year. Every year, I go above and beyond on this project. This year, I have outdone myself. Each project has its own page, including over a page of description, reflection, and standards. I have, on most pages, also included a media or gallery portion where you can read the essay associated with the project, or look at photos of the project, or watch the presentation associated with the project. From any page, you can share and discuss the project. (Shortly, I will add a comment system, if I remember to. And have the time to.) From the home page, you can track the site's development from the Facebook feed, or check out a brief summary of my most recent blog entries.

What I Learned

To detail all I have learned doing this project would take books. I have written in five different computer languages (HTML, Smarty, CSS, PHP, and JS), edited dozens of images, used functions I never new existed in programs I use every day, and built a website to rival the work of professionals. Extensive past history in web design has certainly helped me, and it will continue to help me, in to next year's portfolio, where I plan to surpass even what I have built this year. Each year's experience only helps to build up to further the next year's presentation.


Browse around, check out the website and the blog. I wrote or adapted every scrap of code that fuels this website with the exception of the plugins (Facebook box, RSS feed, Javascript plugins) and the jQuery library. Every bit of HyperText Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), and Hypertext Processor language (PHP) was typed out, tweaked, and adjusted so that it did what I want it to do. There are customized, scrollable galleries that pop out when clicked. There are floating navigation bars on the left and social networking on the right. The features are endless, and more will be added with the addition of my non-academic portfolio of photo-manipulated works. Also, see my Facebook page for various screenshots that I have not yet added to this site.