Creative Writing Story: Ebola Apex

The Ebola virus

Shortly after we finished work on our virus studies in Biology we started a creative writing project to use what we learned in the process of our virular studies of biology. This project was completed by students either individually, or in groups of up to four people. My particular story was completed with my friend Nathaniel, and it covered the use of viruses, Ebola in particular, for use as bioweapons, or even assasination weapons for very accurate killing. The story detailed my knowledge of the mechanics of weapons, military procedures, and procedures taken to protect the President. I put several hours of research into the project so that every detail was timed correctly and the entire story took place chronologically across seven different time zones with important events happening in three different locations, Ramstein Air Base in Germany, Fort Detrick and Andrews Air Force Base on the East Coast, and Jerusalem, Israel. However, all events and some locations are fictional, as this is a work of fiction and not of fact.

Completed: May 13th, 2008

Style Analysis Essays: The Scarlet Letter

Style analysis was a style of essay writing that would allow a student to write an essay about anything on the fly. It was for the situation: If you have an essay question, write about this passage; then this essay style would give you something to write. This essay in particular I think was my best because it was my most detailed, descriptive style analysis, while remaining as interesting as possible. My other attempts at style analysis were nowhere near as elegant as this particular example.
Read the Essay!- (Link will ask to download a document. This is the essay!)

Completed: November 8th, 2007


Towards the end of the year, in fact the day this paragraph was written, we completed a project that summarized poetry terms. Namely, poetry. Students had the choice of writing their own poetry or analyzing other people's poetry. I chose to write my own. Our project required us to cover at least ten different poetry terms. I covered these ten. In my poetry I talk about how civilization and humans are destroying the environment and ruining the world for others. Dozens of species are going extinct every day in the rainforest simply due to deforestation. If people were to be more conservative and try to live in harmony with nature, rather than control nature, the world would be a much better place.
Read the Poems!- (Link will ask to download a document. These are the poems!)

Completed: May 29th, 2008

Romeo and Juliet

At a certain point in class, we started to read Romeo and Juliet. Some people took a longer time to read it, others took less time. I took less. Eventually, when everybody had finally finished the book, the time came to create a finishing touch to our reading the book. Students had a choice, in groups, to create either a recorded reenactment of one section, a "cliffnotes" board with notes, or a live play of a part. My group chose to record a section and we used paper bag puppets to create a reenactment of a scene where Romeo and his family's supporters go to a ball hosted by the Capulet lord. This is also the scene where Romeo and Juliet meet. Well... reenacting that scene, even with puppets... well it was a little uncomfortable... (Right now is when you silently chuckle to yourself!)

Completed: (forgot)