SAT Preparations Presentations

Project Summary

In preparation for the SAT tests, we were put into groups in AVID and assigned chapters from the SAT preparation book to teach the class. In my group, we were assigned the vocabulary chapter. We threw together a PowerPoint presentation that collected the most essential points of memorizing new vocabulary then created a practice test that challenged our trainees to stretch their vocabulary.

What I Learned

Surprisingly, I did not pick up any new techniques from this chapter. On the other hand, I reinforced my existing techniques, using mnemonics to memorize important portions of a whole to effectively get the whole memorized. If that makes sense. I also picked up a few new words from the list we found in our chapter. That was perhaps, the most useful portion of the entire chapter. Having a readily accessible list of a large number of the words that would be on the SAT was extremely helpful and gave me an added bonus study resource.