MIT Presentations

Project Summary

About mid-term, we were assigned to create a presentation about our first-choice college. As with previous years, I chose the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) again. The presentations would include basic overviews of the college, location, population, student statistics, admissions, and the such. We also were supposed to find interesting things about the college, besides the bare facts. I recall having procrastinated a bit on the project, but still creating a nice, clean PowerPoint presentation. Also, I neglected to add more than three images that I found on MIT pranks. Quite unfortunate for me.

What I Learned

I was surprised that every time I went back to research MIT, I found new, highly interesting facts about the college. For instance, MIT's freshmen are given leeway for grades to help them ease into the college life, especially useful for students who feel homesick or can not yet handle being alone. My favorite part of the research, however, was reading about the inter-college pranks pulled against Harvard and CalTech. I've read about pranks as far as "moving" CalTech's mascot cannon across the county to welding shut the gates of Harvard or dressing John Harvard in Master Chief's (Halo) SPARTAN helmet and arming him with a mock assault rifle.